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About Us.

We are: The world’s first Xero consultants.

We will: Communicate in plain clear language that does not confuse.

We believe: In people helping people.

We are Add iT Accountants.

Annie Conza and her dedicated team believe in “accounting with elegance and efficiency”

With that in mind, our boutique practice aims at being solution minded at all times and believe that we are only successful is our clients are successful. Innovation is often viewed as being risky, however we took that risk and the rewards are now apparent through our satisfied clients.

Ordinarily, being a ‘one stop shop’ can come with some limitations, however due to the component type nature of our business, we use Xero as the initial cornerstone and build onto that according to our clients differing needs. In a relatively short space of time we can successfully tailor a solution for our clients that is made to measure, eliminating many of the usual headaches that can occur.

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