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Add iT Accountants
Do what you love.
Leave the numbers to us.
Who are we?

We're just like you; entrepreneurs, visionaries, experts in our field. We don't sell ideas or advice, we sell results that get you one step closer to your unique vision of success. We're creating financial intelligence within business through software, training and support.


It's more than making sure you, and your bills get paid.

We provide accurate and timely services to synchronise your numbers in realtime. Information is power and financial information is the key to know how you’re tracking and what your next move is.

Why work with us?

We are big enough to get attention on your behalf but small enough to be manoeuvrable. We are stable yet agile enough

to change as and when your business grows. Our clients range from well-established corporates to family owned enterprises.

Do what you love and leave the numbers to us.

Our Managing Director, Annie Conza was New Zealand’s very first Xero consultant. This enabled her to continue developing an appreciation of cutting edge technology and elegant software solutions for today’s modern companies.

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